Remote Sites With No Internet? SecurAX GPRS Attendance Systems Are Here

Remote Sites With No Internet? SecurAX GPRS Attendance Systems Are Here

Now, if your company employs a large number of people who work away from your office (possibly in remote locations, with no internet connectivity!) how do you plan to track your employees’ attendance? How do you know if all your employees are reporting on time and you are not losing money through time-theft? If your business has several offices in various locations and you would like to centralize the Time and Attendance management, how can you do that? The answer to all these questions is Biometrics.


Time and Attendance management software is usually paired to a Biometric Time Clock (such as a hand-punch or fingerprint reader) which clocks in the employee entry and exit times and the logs are downloaded and saved.  This works impeccably when you are in a location with internet connection, but what do you do if you need to track employees remotely where there is no internet connection? That’s where SecurAx’s GPRS enabled Biometric Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control system comes in.


SecurAx GPRS Attendance System:


SecurAx provides affordable Automated Time Attendance Solutions which allows you to record and track the attendance of your employees. Its GPRS attendance system uses a GSM SIM, similar to that of a mobile phone. With this built-in SIM and wireless GPRS data transmission technology, the SecurAx attendance system can collate all data from various locations, no matter how remote, and store them in a central server.


Features of SecurAx GPRS Attendance System


The SecurAx GPRS Attendance system comes with a gamut of features, combining state-of-the-art technologies with the ability to cater to large manpower areas. Some of these amazing features are:


  • GPRS Data Centralization
  • Live Finger Detection
  • Live HD Camera
  • High Resolution Accurate Fingerprint Recognition
  • HD Display Screen
  • Enhanced Data Transfer
  • Optimum Wireless Communication
  • Large Capacity
  • Active Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance
  • State-of-the-art OS


How does SecurAx GPRS Attendance System work?


The SecurAx GPRS Attendance System is fitted with a SIM card which has its data pack enabled. Once the SIM is inserted, the network is selected and PPP protocol establishes the connection to the internet. Server IP is then configured which helps to connect to the server. Once done, a connection request is sent from the device.  As long as the connection is not established, the device will keep sending a request. Once connection is established, the device will send the data to the server for further processing.


Benefits of SecurAx Attendance System:


  • User-friendly: The SecurAx system is extremely easy to implement and manage. Employees can log their attendance with just the touch of a finger and managers can pull attendance reports online.
  • Money-saving: SecurAx Attendance system eliminates buddy-punching and time-theft thus ensuring your company stays profitable.
  • Cost-reduction: The SecurAx Attendance system will definitely reduce the workload of the HR and Payroll department and improve their efficiency.
  • Easy-access: The whole system is a web-based application which can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Accurate-recording: The system accurately tracks and records all employee attendance details bring a level of unparalleled accuracy to your workforce and payroll management.

The system also allows companies to manage certain controls remotely:

  • Finger enrollment from any location
  • Addition/Deletion of User list
  • Change password of the device
  • Check device health remotely
  • Data deletion
  • Date-Time set-up
  • Sanding finger through the server
  • Multiple location data management
  • 2-way communication through Dynamic IP


In conclusion:


The need and the availability of the biometric devices for a smooth and seamless working environment has become a must now.  Not only can it help micro-finance companies save costs, with its right combination of amazing features, SecurAx’s GPRS Attendance System is the best choice for your company to achieve perfect attendance and time management.

Remote Sites With No Internet? SecurAX GPRS Attendance Systems Are Here